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Got Goth? (A Pilgrimage To Resurrection Records)

July 6, 2009 , 12:23 pm | By Bryan Reesman

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The sign for Resurrection Records, located at 228 Camden High Street near the Camden Lock Market, which has been open since 1992.
(Photo ©2009 by Bryan Reesman.)

Call me old school, but I still love shopping for CDs. The iPod/MP3 thing doesn’t do it for me, partially because I don’t use headphones anymore and partially because the quality of a lot of MP3 files is substandard. I even received a $50 iTunes card for Christmas that I have yet to use! (I’ll get to it, I promise. There are a lot of songs I want.) With digital downloads taking over and indie music retail stores dwindling these days — an estimated 2,000 in the U.S. , down from 5,000 a decade ago —  it’s become harder to enjoy shopping for CDs. Perusing online has its advantages, but sometimes I want to see the full package in my hands in front of me. It’s the tactile experience that I crave.

Which brings me to this profile. I recently went to London for the second time, and once again I journeyed to the rockin’ section of Camden Town on a quest for goth and metal music. My favorite spot? Resurrection Records, located downstairs within a merch shop. Nestled in the back, it’s modest and cozy, and what a treasure trove of albums it possesses. If you’re looking for classic Eighties goth and industrial, Nineties ethereal goth and synthcore tunage, or more recent dark music incarnations like goth and medieval metal, they have it all — from Sisters of Mercy to VNV Nation to Xandria. Other genres they offer include punk and J-Rock. Resurrection also carrys vinyl and DVDs, including limited edition releases.


Store co-owner Katrina and her amazing musical selection.
(Photo ©2009 by Bryan Reesman.)

Some of the prices might be a little higher or a little lower than what you’ll find online, but regardless you’ll often find things you can’t easily get online and can see their condition right then and there. You’re also supporting an independent business, which is vitally important these days. On my latest trip, I purchased Home, the first solo album from Persephone, aka the elegantly ethereal side project of Sonja Kraushofer from L’Ame Immortelle; the European edition of Diabolos, by chameleon-like J-Rock artist Gackt; and Black Radio, a live concert bootleg of the veteran Australian goth rock band Ikon. While browsing for those CDs I was astonished at the number of great indie albums that I normally would have to browse through a website to even get near. Just being able to see everything at once and flip through the bins was mesmerizing.

Equally cool is the fact that the store also runs a mail order division online, so you can browse through their new stock before you head into the store. (They also offer used discs, some of which are hard to find. You need to visit to see what’s in stock.) While the exchange rate between the dollar and the Euro has been tipped against Americans in recent years, that has waned a bit recently, and if you know what you’re looking for you can research things prior to your trip. If you give them advance notice before you visit from out of the country, store owners Katrina and Andrew can special order albums that are in print. That’s a nice plus. And yes, they take credit cards, which will give you the best exchange rate possible.

Ultimately it’s a helluva lot of fun to shop at Resurrection Records. Take a pilgrimage to this music mecca next time you’re in London.

An underground music store that is literally underground.

An underground music store that is literally underground.
(Photo ©2009 by Bryan Reesman.)


  1. Dirk

    Your post Got Goth? (A Pilgrimage To Resurrection Records) – Attention Deficit Delirium was very interesting when I found it over google on Saturday by my search for xandria. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

  2. Francois Moller

    This brings back some memories when I lived in the UK circa 2000, wow. This in one of the most amazing CD shops I have ever visited the past 40 years, indeed. Still have, amongst others, my Siouxsie T-Shirt. Should have bought some more stuff there, because I moved back to Cape Town, South Africa, due family commitments.

  3. Psamathes

    This will be probably the first place I’ll visit if I ever manage to go to London (I should have gone during the first week of August, but there are some problems -w-)!
    They even sell GACKT, I can’t believe it (well, it’s also true that he came to play live in Europe, but it’s a surprise, nonetheless)! It’d be great to have such a great shop here in Rome (there are some, but not so big and well-furnished), for us poor people who listen to non-mainstream music.
    I’m taking note of the address, thanks for the interesting recommendation!

  4. Bryan Reesman

    Is Gackt not released in Italy? I have found some imports here. Been listening to the deluxe edition of Diabolos. Oh wait, this album has a sticker from Resurrection! Bought it for £12 last year evidently. 😉

  5. Meg

    I wanna marry that shop.

  6. Bryan Reesman

    I am not sanctioned to perform such ceremonies, but I will see if I can find someone who is. 😉

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