The Top ADD Posts for July 2009

Now that Attention Deficit Delirium is in its third month, I have decided to catalog the top five most popular posts from each month, just in case you happened to have missed them. Consider them to be my monthly greatest hits!

original_cylon1. The Original Cylon and The Original Droid — My examination of the 95 year-old sculpture that predated battle droids, Cylons and General Grievous.

harry_potter_half_blood_prince2. Harry Potter’s Empire Strikes Back — My review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Spellbound 153. The Crypt Keeper of Classic Horror Comics — Devil rocker Steve Banes is the man to feed your addiction to those gloriously gory pre-Code comics of the Fifties.

Journey with Steve Perry4. Journey: The Biggest Classic Rock Band Ever? — A recent hit album, successful tours and constant licensing are making Journey bigger than they have been in over two decades, and they are reaching a new generation of fans in the process.

Title - Stargate SG-15. Amanda Tapping: All-American Goth Girl — The star of the Syfy series Sanctuary talks about her hit show and upcoming movie projects.

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