The Top ADD Posts For August 2009

Here are the top ADD five posts for August 2009. As I am learning, you can never predict what’s going to be popular or resonates most with people. And here we have everything from family-friendly fare to more mature entertainment.

1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie review — The fact that this review is two months old and made #1 unrefutably proves the power of Google and Bing. And the tag “Optimus Prime,” which lures in lots of fans.

Dead End Drive-In2. Not Quite Hollywood: Aussies Gone Wild— During a screening of controversial Ozploitation documentary Not Quite Hollywood an elderly couple, undoubtedly offended, walked out. Well, people keep reading about it here. I just don’t know how old they are.

Recent "American Soldier" promo shot.3. Scott Rockenfield: The Rock Of The Rÿche — The Queensrÿche drummer pounded his way into the top five with this in-depth story. Learn more about the many endeavors that Rockenfield is involved with outside of his famous band.

G-Force - Blaster and Juarez4. When Guinea Pigs Attack — This late July review of G-Force keeps growing in popularity, which makes sense since this kids movie is still in theaters. Plus people evidently like talking guinea pigs.

mccreary-headshot5. Bear McCreary: Coming Back To Earth — The composer of Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Trauma and many other shows talks about Comic-Con, the live Battlestar shows, scoring video games and his love for ragtime.

Honorable mention:

466px-HerbTrimpe11.16.08ByLuigiNoviHerb Trimpe: If In Ain’t Fun, It Ain’t Comics — I posted this interview with the famed Hulk and G.I. Joe artist on August 28, and in the last four days of the month he drew just about the same traffic that my #5 entry took three weeks to accumulate. As usual, great work, Herb!

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