The Top ADD Posts For September 2009

Here are the top five ADD posts for September 2009. This was the fourth month that ADD was active, and our unique visitors doubled from August, thanks in particular to the following stories. It’s always intriguing to see what resonates with the public. You never really can predict what will be big! As an added bonus this month, I have also included the top tags/keywords, which also provide insight into what our audience likes.


Julie_crop1. What’s A Sweet Gal Like You Doing In A Bloody Show Like This? — My extensive Q&A with Dexter star Julie Benz was a smash hit immediately, drawing more views than any previous ADD post. Having Ms. Benz personally tweet it out helped raise its profile fast!

ItemThumbnailA110312. 9-9-9: The Number of the Beatles— My thoughts on the Beatles reissues — how their reception would be a good barometer for the imperiled music business, and how they reflect the current dearth of great mainstream talent — resonated with many people.

AmandaTapping_RobinDunne_thumb-thumb-550x249-149083. Sanctuary Defiled: Parts One and Two — This exclusive, two-part ADD interview with co-stars Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne of Syfy’s Sanctuary is full of Season Two hints as well as the surprise revelation of Dunne’s prank-playing alter ego.

Journey: Back in the day4. Journey: The Biggest Classic Rock Band Ever? — This made my top five back in June, but I figure that the use of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” in Fox’s new hit show Glee and the Broadway musical Rock Of Ages prompted resurgent interest in this essay.

y&t open fire_crop5. Ten Great Power Ballads You’ve Never Heard — You remember all the hits, but there are cooler songs waiting in the back catalog of many ’80s hard rock and metal titans. Discover superior songs by Queensryche, Y&T, Whitesnake and many more!


1. Optimus Prime — Like the first Transformers DVD always re-emerging on the Top 30 DVD chart, this guy keeps staying in my top tags list every month. People love their Optimus.

2. Bret Michaels — Even though I diss him and Poison in “Ten Great Power Ballads You’ve Never Heard,” his name brings people in. Does this mean I owe him now?

3. G-Force — People are either looking up this year’s CG guinea pig movie or the heroic team from the anime classic Battle Of The Planets (aka Gatchman), which will arrive as a full-length film in theaters by 2011.

4. General Grievous — The badass cyborg warrior from Star Wars Episode III is always popular.

5. Steve Perry — The Journey never ends.

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