Peter Facinelli: New Moon Rising

Peter Facinelli as Dr. Carlisle Cullen in "Twilight".

Peter Facinelli as Dr. Carlisle Cullen in "Twilight".

I recently caught up with Twilight cast member Peter Facinelli (known onscreen as Dr. Carlisle Cullen) on the red carpet at a recent Sony Vaio event to chat with him about the second movie in the Twilight franchise, New Moon. He’s certainly primed for it to be an action-packed sequel to the unexpectedly popular film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s first novel, and he even dropped a small tidbit about the third movie, Eclipse.

His thoughts are shared on my AOL/Moviefone story found here.

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  1. Watch Free Movies

    I am disappointed with this film. My girlfriend made me take her to it, and I went with an open mind. The story was terrible, a 3 year-old could do better CGI with MS Paint, and the acting was pathetic at best. I can understand how this film could be attractive to a teenage girl without any friends but adults should hang their heads in shame if they liked this flick in any way shape or form. If you want to see a quality vampire film I suggest “Fright Night”. I hope, if they make another sequel, it begins and ends with Wesley Snipes rushing in, kicking some “vampire” arse, and saving us from mediocrity and the plague known as “Twilight”. – Sarah

  2. Twilight Fan

    It was as dismal as the book. However! I did like the book better than the movie. I’m sorry. I understand why people liked it but it was slow, and boring. It stuck to the book incredibly well and I know Harry Potter has been critised for missing vital and interesting scenes and not sticking to the books quite as strictly as they should have. However it was slow and cumbersome.

    The shifters were awesome! Jasper and the vampires were awesome!

    The next movie should be very very good. ^_^ It is a better book too. It’s not Twilight without the vampires just like it’s not Harry Potter without Voldemort and that’s where this book and movie fell down.

    The beginning and the ending were great but the middle unfortunately was extremely lacking.

  3. cHa den Maid

    I’ve watched twilight n new moon n I’m very surprised n happy when I watched this film.. NEW MOON WAS AWESOME…

    especially when I watched Edward Cullen, Isabella Swan n Dr. Carlisle Cullen..

    I hope twilight will visited Indonesia especially in Probolinggo…. hahaha ,,,,,

    I know it’s very very imposible… BUT I HOPE TOO!

  4. Lulu

    i love new moon it was awesome and Edward,Isabelle, Emse and Carlisle are the best in the movie.

  5. Doug Deiter

    Man, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this blog! I’m working my way through the archives starting from the beginning. Just wanted to say keep up the good work!


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