The Top ADD Posts For October 2009

Here are the top ADD posts and keywords/tags for October 2009. We’ve reached month five, and traffic continues to grow at a fantastic rate. As always, it’s intriguing to see what resonates with the public. You never really can predict what will be popular!


Journey: Back in the day1. Journey: The Biggest Classic Rock Band Ever? — Twice before a top five story, and thanks to Journey’s popular appearance on Oprah in October, it hit #1, accrued the most visits for any ADD story in one month and is now my most popular blog entry ever.

Benz goes dark, both in tone and hair color, for "Saw V".2. What’s A Sweet Gal Like You Doing In A Bloody Show Like This? — My extensive Q&A with Dexter star Julie Benz was a smash hit immediately, hitting #1 last month and retaining the #2 spot for October.

The cast of Sanctuary faces greater threats in Season Two.3. Sanctuary Defiled: Part Two — The second part of this exclusive, two-part interview with Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne of Syfy’s Sanctuary came with the surprise revelation of Dunne’s prank-playing alter ego, Holden MacPhillips.

"We're sick of you teching around! Write a script with a good ending."4. Captain Picard, The Tech Is Overteching! — Ronald D. Moore’s hilarious recounting of the formulaic writing on two Star Trek series became a big hit with ADD readers.

Busy Phillips flashes us a smile.5. Bubbly Busy Philipps Takes An Odyssey Into Cougar Town — You may best remember her from Dawson’s Creek, but Busy wants you to love her as much as Courteney Cox’s gal pal in Cougar Town.


1. Darla Angel — Julie Benz’s vampiric alter ego from Buffy and Angel scared up a large number of hits, as many as some of the top blog entries!

2. Tori Amos — Busy Philipps gave her props, and now her tag has become a popular search item.

3. Optimus Prime — No matter what, people love them some Optimus.

4. Busy Philipps — The number #5 blog story this month as well as the #4 keyword. Having a memorable name certainly pays off!

5. Steve Perry — The Journey never ends for this famed singer. Even though he’s no longer in Journey.


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