Wilde About “Fix” And Ireland

Olivia Wilde (l) with her husband and director Tao Ruspoli at the NYC premiere of "Fix".

Olivia Wilde with her husband, director/actor Tao Ruspoli, at the NYC premiere of Fix.
(Photo ©2009 by Bryan Reesman.)

Taking a break from the medical shenanigans from Fox’s hit show House, Olivia Wilde recently appeared in the indie film Fix, which co-stars Shawn Andrews and is directed by her other co-star; her husband and documentary filmmaker Tao Ruspoli. The tale of two brothers coping and battling with one’s drug addiction was inspired by the director’s real-life brother Leo. Ruspoli’s film is gritty — it is shot from his own character’s point-of-view as he and his wife race to get his brother into rehab or risk a jail sentence, and visits inner city L.A. locales not frequented by glitzy Hollywood filmmakers — and also possesses an offbeat sense of humor and warmth that makes it engaging right from the start. ADD quickly chatted with Wilde on the red carpet of the NYC premiere of Fix. FYI: Look for her next year in Tron Legacy.

The main character is inspired by the director’s brother. You’re very close to the material, so could you talk about how you approached it?
Tao and I came up with the idea together because we wanted to make a story based upon his family, on someone in his family, and something very close to us. I think there’s nothing more interesting than the love between siblings. It’s a very profound and strong bond, and his brother is such a fascinating, eccentric character. I said there must have been one day where you could tell the story of with your brother, and he said there was this one day. That was the story of Fix. And because I’m so close with his real brother, I was very, very sensitive to who would get to play him because he is very difficult to nail down. We were so happy when we found Shawn because he had his own interpretation of this very wild and interesting person. That was what we needed — someone to study the real guy, toss that away and come up with something interesting that was inspired by him.

You’ve been to Ireland, correct?
Yes. I’m Irish! I’m an Irish citizen!

Wilde chatting up the media at the "Fix" premiere.

Wilde chatting up the media at the Fix premiere.
(Photo ©2009 by Bryan Reesman.)

How do you feel that Ireland is represented in film and television? How accurate are the depictions that we’ve seen?
It’s no mistake that many of our best actors happen to be Irish. I think it’s because of the way they train. I’m honored to be considered among the Irish acting community, even though I’m American. I really love that people connect me to the community. It’s such an honor because I have such respect for them. You think of films like Once, and that’s similar to Fix. That film was a labor of love. They made it for nearly nothing, and look at how it exploded. I think it’s because they cared so much, and it was also based on a real story. That was actually a huge inspiration to us when we were making Fix. Once was a very simple story about people connecting, and similarly, music was a huge part of Fix as well, and our soundtrack is just unbelievable. They’re the little movies that can.

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