The Top ADD Posts For November 2009

Bryan09_07_indexHere are my top blog posts and keywords/tags for November 2009. Six months in, traffic is continually growing and the fanbase expanding. As always, I cannot always guess what will resonate with the public. That’s simply part of the fun!


Facinelli As Cullen1. Peter Facinelli: New Moon Rising — Ah, the power of Twilight. Hands down my most clicked blog entry ever.

398px-Julie_Benz_headshot2. What’s A Sweet Gal Like You Doing In A Bloody Show Like This? — My well-received Q&A with Dexter star Julie Benz is a Top 2 hit for a third straight month.

Wizard Of Oz (64)3. We’re Off To See The Wizard…At Tavern On The Green — My coverage of the September DVD reissue party is becoming more popular each month. Surrender to Dorothy!

P-Tree in white.4. Ambition Rocks — My latest interview with Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson (whom I have been covering since 1996) finds him waxing philosophical on the future of the music biz.

Gospel_of_Filth5. Spreading The Gospel Of Filth — Dani Filth discusses the new Cradle Of Filth book, which delves into everything dark, devious and dangerous.


1. Warner Bros. — I cover a lot of their movie and music titles.

2. New Moon — The second film in The Twilight Saga racked up a lot of interest…

3. Peter Facinelli — …as did one of its supporting actors.

4. Optimus Prime — The leader of the Transformers never leaves the Top 5.

5. Dexter‘s Julie Benz — She’s quite popular playing a serial killer’s wife.


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