Japanese Tourism Could Benefit From A Monster Ad Campaign (Literally)


Now doesn't this look like a great vacation?

With so many airlines facing significant drops in business thanks to the economic downturn, you figure that they need some sort of jazzy ad campaigns to lure people to travel again. Indeed lack of personal funds dampens enthusiasm for flying the friendly skies, and traveling to foreign lands like Japan is certainly less appealing to Americans because of the expense and travel time involved.

So I conjured up something green to rake in the green. I became inspired by a defaced airline advertisement (pictured below) I found on the Long Island Rail Road. As you can see in the photo, which shows the Empire State Building looming behind a Japanese rooftop, a monster campaign could be a brilliant idea. After all, for sci-fi or monster mash fans, the thought of traveling to a foreign land where a giant creature like Godzilla could attack it at any moment seems rather appealing. After watching Tokyo get destroyed on film repeatedly, I often wonder what it would really be like to witness that first hand.

Think of all the great ad images that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan could conjure up for such a tourist campaign: The chance to witness Godzilla romping through Tokyo to fight a new alien or monster menace. Or that giant, kid-friendly turtle Gamera flying children over Osaka (for a nominal fee, of course). Or Mothra and Rodan competing in a wind-generating flap-off. And hey, who needs Jurassic Park when you’ve got the menacing menagerie located on Monster Island? Book your cruise or helicopter ride today to see the stomping grounds of your favorite creatures! The idea is akin to going on a whale watch. Except that the whale is Orca and in a matter of seconds he could tip over your boat and swallow you whole. Extreme sports/adrenaline junkies could certainly find a new high in braving such danger.

Yeah, I know, none of this real, and it’s all for fun. But advertising is all about being creative and clever — well, I think it’s supposed to be, and these days shocking people is as effective as seducing them — so why not have fun by transforming an old stereotype into something humorous and hip? It certainly would have some travelers thinking about Japan in a new light. Besides, maybe a Japanese monster theme park is in the works. I’d certainly go.

Godzilla LIRR 2

"Oh no, Godzilla!" (Photo ©2009 by Bryan Reesman.)

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  1. Click Lady

    That is hilarious!! But then again, I’m an American.

    Japanese kids would love it and start dressing in those comic colors. They always set the trends.

    Do you think Japanese businessmen/more traditional adult culture would be offended? They are the ones that would buy the ad campaign…

    I think you should design that monster theme park, though!!


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