The Top ADD Posts For December 2009

Bryan09_07_indexHere are my top blog posts and keywords/tags for December 2009.

We’ve ended 2009 on a positive note. My website traffic (measured in numbers of unique visitors) has jumped up a whopping 95 times over pre-blog levels.  Nice.


Facinelli As Cullen1. Peter Facinelli: New Moon Rising — For a second straight month, this Twilight-related post remains at #1. Am I surprised? I guess I’d be surprised if it wasn’t!

398px-Julie_Benz_headshot2. What’s A Sweet Gal Like You Doing In A Bloody Show Like This? — People can’t seem to get enough of Dexter co-star Julie Benz, especially after the show’s shocking Season Four finale!

3. Dickens, You Say? — It is apropos that my interview with actor/storyteller Gerald Dickens hits the Top 5 this month. Scrooge would be pleased.

4. Spreading The Gospel Of Filth — As anticipation for the paperback edition of the Cradle Of Filth book builds, so does interest in this interview with band frontman Dani Filth.

5. Emilie Autumn’s Personal Asylum, Parts One and Two — Emilie’s highly personal interview with ADD resonated strongly with her devoted following.


Jeff Daniels: Working In And Around The System — Bonus content connected to my Stage Directions cover story was popular on Reddit and brought this post in close to the #5 story.


1. New MoonThe Twilight Saga…’nuff said.

2. Dexter‘s Julie Benz — Ms. Benz currently appears in the popular cult film The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.

3. Busy Philipps — The Cougar Town co-star is a hot commodity.

4. Amanda Palmer — The lead singer of the Dresden Dolls has a big cult following. And she went to my high school!

5. Dexter Season Four — What did you think of the Season Four finale?


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