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I have been writing liner notes for Sony Music for seven years. My first project was their reissue of Who Made Who, one of AC/DC’s biggest selling albums in America, followed by the Judas Priest box set Metalogy. What a way to inaugurate a long-standing relationship — documenting the music of two bands I grew up listening to, with Priest being my all-time favorite. Over the years I have worked on many different Sony projects and have recently been contributing to their “best of” Playlist series. My first three Playlist credits were Judas Priest, Fuel and Toto.

Within the last 15 months I wrote notes for Playlist retrospectives of guitar shredder Joe Satriani, thrash crossover kings Suicidal Tendencies and upbeat, genre-fusing rockers 311. I expected them to be released at separate times, but when I received a package last week with all three collections enclosed, I learned that they were all arriving in stores on Tuesday, January 26th! That was a nice surprise. The Playlist series is doing well for Sony. They’re smartly priced ($7.98), colorfully packaged and eco-friendly (in slim, recycled paperboard sleeves) and offer liner notes and photos on the enhanced portion of the disc.

The biggest challenge in assembling my essays for any of these projects is encapsulating an artist’s career in a succinct and lively way. In our ADD world you have to draw people in quickly, and I relish the challenge. I hope that these career-spanning discs will act as a springboard for new or casual listeners to dive deeper into each artist’s repertoire. They’re certainly a good place to start.

To peruse my complete discography, check out my Liner Notes page. To purchase any of my Sony-related work, peruse the Amazon box below.

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    • bryanreesman

      It was fun. They’re actually my only nu-metal notes outside of Korn and added some variety to my resume. And they did get me to the number of album credits I needed to become a voting member of the Recording Academy!


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