Digital Playlist: Stephan Groth

Who: Stephan Groth, mastermind/frontman for Apoptygma Berzerk.
What: The Top 5 MP3s in his iPod right now.
Where: Norway.
Latest Album: Rocket Science.

Stephan Groth in NYC last September. (Photo © 2010 by Bryan Reesman.)

1. Julian Casablancas “11th Dimension” — I like The Strokes a lot. I was shocked when I first heard Julian’s solo album. Its so electronic, I’m sure many Strokes fans are having a hard time listening to it. I love it, one of my favorite albums of 2009.

2. Editors “Papillon” — I can’t get enough of In This Light. I have been listening to it all year, and I’m still not bored with it. “Papillon” is a very strong track; even the cheesy trance remixes of this song are great.

3. Serena Maneesh “Ayisha Abyss” — In my opinion, one of the most interesting Norwegian bands ever. This is [from] their first release on legendary 4AD records.

4. Dúné “Final Party of the 21st century” — I discovered Dúné in early 2009 when we played some festivals with them in Germany. I saw their name on the poster. It said that they were from Denmark, and since I am myself from Denmark this made me curious. I was blown away, really good stuff, check them out!

5. Woven Hand Consider the Birds — Simply just amazing. oil on panel and sparrow falls are my favorite songs on this record. I listen to this album over and over again, it moves me in a very special way every time.

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