Digital Playlist: Simone Simons

Who: Simone Simons, frontwoman for Epica.
What: The Top 5 MP3s in her iPod right now.
Where: Holland.
Latest Album: Design Your Universe.

Simone Simons of Epica, in an attic, somewhere...

1. Muse “Undisclosed Desires” — I love Muse and the way they make me feel when I listen to them.

2. The Gathering “Strange Machines” — I recently had to sing this song at a Dutch event called Christmas Metal Symphony. I had the song on repeat for hours!

3. Lady Gaga “Speechless” — It’s such an emotional song where she opens up about her father. It’s a true love song.

4. Opeth “Closure” — I love Opeth. They are one of the few metal bands I still listen to after all these years. From 3:27 on, I cut the song to use it as a ringtone. I think it’s a masterpiece!

5. Nightwish “Walking in the Air” — Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved the movie The Snowman. When I started listening to Nightwish, I heard this song, and it was nostalgic.

Live versions of Simone’s picks: Muse, The Gathering, Lady Gaga, Opeth and Nightwish.

14 Responses

    • Bryan Reesman

      Ever heard Rainbow’s version of “Walking In The Air,” the instrumental “Snowman”? Awesome.

  1. Juan Muñoz

    Closure… one of my favs from Opeth… which is my fav band bye the way!… God… Is there any girl like Simone outthere??


  2. IgorB

    Nightwish “Walking in the Air”

    Absolutely amazing.WONDERFUL!!! Close your eyes and listen!

  3. Avatar Korra

    es una falsa ella ama el pop ya no escucha metal ni rock solo ,dice escuchar pero apenas… ella es una diva pop disfrazada de ser cantante metal ,me da asco Simons, con ver su bolg y twiter modas de Simons la diva pop


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