Digital Playlist: Chuck Billy

Who: Chuck Billy, frontman for Testament.
What: The Top 5 MP3s in his iPod right now.
Where: San Francisco.
Latest Album: The Formation Of Damnation.

Chuck Billy: Thrashing his iPod regularly.

Accept “Demon’s Night” — That’s number one right now. It’s classic. I’m working on this Dublin Death Patrol record right now, and we’re doing a couple of covers. That’s probably going to be one of them.

Slayer “Disciple” — It’s brutal. I’m getting ready for that Slayer tour, so I’m getting pumped up on Slayer in the gym and on the treadmill. I get fired up!

Thin Lizzy “Angel Of Death” — I’ve been listening to it a lot. I’m a big Thin Lizzy fan, but the lyrics on that song bring back good memories of my father. I always go back and listen to it. My father passed away a few years ago, so that’s my reminder song.

Forbidden “Twisted Into Form” — That song is just exactly what it says, it’s twisted. Russ Anderson is probably one of my favorite singers, and in that song the guitar riffs are just so twisted. It’s classic Forbidden for me.

Exodus “And Then There Were None” — We just got off the tour with Exodus. That’s one of my classic favorites.

Live versions of Chuck’s picks:
Slayer, Thin Lizzy, Forbidden and Exodus.

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