Amanda Tapping Still Craves The Stage

Amanda Tapping at the 2010 Syfy Channel Upfront.
(Photo ©2010 by Bryan Reesman.)

At the Syfy Channel Upfront in March, I chatted up Sanctuary star Amanda Tapping for a story about Season 3 that will appear on AOL’s TV Squad page in the near future. (FYI, Season 2 arrives on video on June 15, 2010.) I also managed to squeeze in a little bit about Stargate and her non-Sanctuary projects.

Here’s a short ‘n’ sweet Q&A about topics unrelated to her hit show. It is laced with the actress’ usual humility and humor. Simply put, Tapping is über-cool.

In the interview with you and Robin for my blog last year, you guys revealed the Holden MacPhillips scandal. The question is, does Robin have his own Holden MacPhillips now?
I bet he does. You know…? [rubs chin in contemplation]

That’ll be a story for another interview.
Don’t print it. Next year.

Can you tell us about the two upcoming Stargate movies?
[stays mum] I’m not being coy. I really am not. I went on to IMDb and found out that I was in pre-production for a Stargate movie, and I was like, “Sweet! I hope somebody sends me the script!”
[continued below]

You’ve done plenty of things outside of sci-fi. Are there any performances that you think are underrated in your career?
You know what? I feel like my career has progressed slow and steady. Things that I thought were really good back in the day, maybe not so much [now]. I look back at my work and think there’s a certain subconsciousness to it. So no, I don’t think so. There’s a movie I did called Dancing Trees, which I just thought was a really sweet film. I love the director so much. I don’t have a big part in it, and I die — well, I must say. That’s a good question. Damn!

Is there any project that you want to do that you haven’t tackled yet?
I want to do the Lion In Winter. I want to do a remake of that on Broadway in about twenty-five years.

Sooner than that, would you like to do Broadway?
I started in theater, and vowed I would never do television. Ha ha ha. I did. I said, “Only theater and very posh art films will I do. I am an actor!” Then I grew up. But I still crave getting back on stage.

Tapping with co-star Robin Dunne. Only theater and posh art films for she. And hip sci-fi, too.
(Photo courtesy of Syfy.)

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  1. morjana

    Thank you, Bryan, for a delightful q&a interview with Ms. Tapping!

    • Bryan Reesman

      Thanks for reading. It was a quick one this time, but my AOL piece will run in the near future. I should also try to see if I can chat with her and Robin again prior to Season 3 starting…unless Big Bertha has gotten to them, in which case it’s a moot point. 😉

  2. JandyraMaciel CJM

    Bryan THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! It was a short and sweet interview, but still says so much 😀
    That would be brilliant to regroup with Amanda and Robin before Season 3 airs (if you can, if they’ve been eaten by a giant arachnid not much we can do). Any possibility of Damian or Martin too? 😀
    Love Amanda…always will. Phenomenal woman.

  3. Monkeybum1723 SAS

    This is an awesome interview!

    Hopefully Big bertha doesn’t get to them but we have to wait and see… o.O (Hate waiting tho… serious withdraws. =P)

    That would be awesome to regroup with Amanda and Robin!
    Absolutely love her. Amazing woman

  4. GreenEggsNSamm

    Bryan, Thank you! Great interview. I loved the questions. So unique! Lucky duck to get to interview her. Great job as always! =)

  5. Luellavoir

    Yays! For Amanda! Thank you very much Bryan! Awesome synopses I hope it wasn’t too much of a challenge to cut down all the fun things AT likes to say! Thanks again! >u<


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