I’ve Been Spotted (At Syfy)

While I am a writer, I have had some experience in front of and behind the camera. After all, I did graduate from NYU film school and worked in Hollywood for a spell. I am comfortable around cameras, as was certainly proven when my friend Lisa Yimm messaged me on Twitter to inform me that I was spotted in an Amanda Tapping interview clip at Sci Fi Wire. I was unaware that a videographer was even shooting us at this year’s 2010 Syfy Channel Upfront, and usually at moody, low-light events like that, one will utilize a mounted light that easily catches people’s eyes.

Anyway, I’m right at the end of the clip, having just taken a photo of Amanda Tapping and Ming-Na (which you can see here). They look like they’re having a good time. Let’s assume I said something witty.

At any rate, here’s the clip. You’ll find me with 0:11 left in the featurette! That’s 3 or 4 seconds of fame, so I guess I have more left, eh?

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  1. Luellavoir

    My first reaction: Ahaha lol awesome!
    Reread due to browser crash: Fame is Always relative to Amanda Tapping in my book, humbly well known!
    Thanks for the links, lets see what you do with that time left to be famous now eh?

  2. mynameism91

    I THOUGHT THAT WAS YOU!!! hahaha glad to know that I wasn’t imagining it! Congrats on your few seconds of fame. Keep being awesome!


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