Digital Playlist: Clint Lowery

Who: Clint Lowery, guitarist for Sevendust.
What: The Top 5 MP3s in his iPod right now.
Where: Atlanta.
Latest Album: Cold Day Memory.

Sevendust's Clint Lowery:
"These are the kinds of songs I listen to before I go on."
(Photo credit: Jeremy Adamo.)

Norma Jean “A Small Spark Vs. A Great Forest” — The beginning of it is really cool. I like the chaos of the guitars and the aggressiveness of the vocals. They did this a few records ago with Ross Robinson. I just really like the song.

Karnivool “Themata” — It’s got a great sense of melody. It’s a little more progressive music. It’s like how Breaking Benjamin is, [but] it’s a more in-depth version of them. The guy’s got a pretty basic voice, but I like what they do with what [they have]. It’s interesting music to me and something a little different.

Crash Kings “Mountain Man” — He [frontman/keyboardist Tony Beliveau] is a very cool melody guy. I really like his melodies and the tone of his voice.

Lamb Of God “In Your Words” — The guitar riff in the beginning is amazing. It’s got a lot of spirit and heart in it. It’s a very metal riff, and to me, it’s a very motivating riff for a guitar player.

Nine Inch Nails “The Day The World Went Away” — I like how dynamic Trent’s productions are. They start in a very small way and just end up with this really somber, end of the world type vibe to them. He always captures that in a great way.

Live versions of Clint’s picks:
Norma Jean, Karnivool, Crash Kings,
Lamb Of God and Nine Inch Nails.

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