One Good Scare Deserves Another

Ozzy: Still flying his freak flag high.

You can’t say that Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t have a sense of humor about himself. After all, he subjected himself to endless camera intrusions into his chaotic home life throughout the run of The Osbournes reality series. When I interviewed him recently for Inked magazine (which hits stands by mid-June), he was certainly forthcoming about the rock ‘n’ roll circus that has been his life, showing good humor about everything from memory lapses to disliking the pain associated with tattooing.

In Manhattan last week to promote his forthcoming album Scream, Osbourne stopped by Madame Tussauds wax museum to prank fans who stopped by his bench “display”. They quickly discovered that it wasn’t a statue sitting there,
it was him! Enjoy the freak outs.

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