Futurama Is Back!

Futurama returns:
It's a brave and funny new world all over again.

Proving that there is life after cancellation death — particularly when your DVD sales rock — Matt Groening’s beloved cult show Futurama returns for a sixth season next Thursday, June 24th at 10 PM on Comedy Central. Sixth season, you say? When was the fifth? Quick recap: There were four straight-to-DVD movies that came out between November 2007 and February 2009. They were meant to be chopped up into four episodes apiece. At least that’s what Billy West (aka Fry, Zoidberg and many others) told me when I chatted with him at a Chiller Theatre convention back in 2007. That slice and dice plan does not seem to have transpired — the movies ran in full — but it doesn’t matter. The series
stayed alive.

Ultimately the resurrection of Futurama on DVD, as with Family Guy, has helped bring the show back. Granted, Family Guy returned to Fox and Futurama is on Comedy Central, but Futurama was always a cult show that appealed more to sci-fi buffs and technogeeks than mainstream folks anyway. It has a devout following that has watched the reruns (it has never left the air), bought the DVDs and even snagged the merchandise, and they have undoubtedly picked up new disciples along the way. Being a cable hit is as viable as being a middle tier network show these days, and you’re still potentially reaching millions of viewers. (Futurama averaged over six million when it was canceled.) It’s truly impressive that seven years after it left prime time, Futurama is back on the air.

For those of us who have been awaiting this day, it’s time to celebrate. For those of you who are new to life among the intergalactic Planet Express delivery team, welcome aboard. It’s going to be a wild and funny ride. Again.

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  1. Aaron

    So psyched this show is back on the air! It’s one of the few shows whose repeats I will gladly watch over and over again, yet all the same it’ll be awesome to have some more new episodes at last.


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