Flashback: Trent Reznor and Al Jourgensen’s Dance Daze

Ah, the salad days. Some people may not know it, but both Ministry’s Al Jourgensen and Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor were actually synth pop and glammy before finding their industrial edge. Many fans remember those times before The Land Of Rape And Honey and Pretty Hate Machine (respectively) transformed both groups into heavier industrial rock entities, and then Psalm 69 and The Downward Spiral smashed them through mainstream barriers. For those that do, the following two videos from the mid-’80s are nostalgic throwbacks. For younger (and some older) listeners who have only heard the heavy stuff, this video couplet will certainly come as a surprise. It’s not that you can’t dance to these groups now; you’re just more likely to slamdance.

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