Digital Playlist: Justin Broadrick

Who: Justin Broadrick, vocalist and guitar agitator/aggregator for Jesu and Godflesh.
What: The Top 5 MP3s in his iPod right now.
Where: The UK.
Latest Album: The Blood Of Heroes project with Bill Laswell.

Justin Broadrick is not so
agitated at the moment.
(Photo © 2010 by VB.)

1. SLOWDIVE “Shine” — As summer eventually ushers in over here in the U.K, this song is the perfect late night summer bliss out.

2. LOW “Murderer” — A true classic that I discovered somewhat after the event. For two years this song has now been in constant rotation. Beauty and anger perfectly delivered.

3. KNUT “Crouch” — Metal, stripped and pure, minimal and jagged, a lesson in the beauty of reduction within the context of ‘metal’. From their first release Bastardiser.

4. RED HOUSE PAINTERS “Fly Away” — Unsung John Denver cover from the Mark Kozelek compiled John Denver tribute Take Me Home, a perfectly summery and rare instrumental — besides lush understated backing harmonies — chiming and thoughtful.

5. WILLIAM BASINSKI “Red Score In Tile” — A whole piece that could be
considered a “song,” I certainly see it as
such, besides the fact that it is an entire
album! Worn, aged but seemingly timeless
piece of transcendental piano loop work.
Entirely cerebral and organic.

Live versions of Justin’s picks:
Slowdive, Low and Red House Painters.

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