Fooled By Jewel

Jewel's latest album.

I have to admit that I have an aversion to karaoke. Why hear songs you like often butchered by people who can’t sing well? (Or in the case of American Idol, by people who have little musical personality?) I admit that I have occasionally heard some decent singing at the few karaoke bars I’ve been to, but ultimately I’d rather just go see a real artist I like perform.

I’ll stop being cranky now and simply ask: Have you ever heard someone singing karaoke who just blew you away? The regulars at the Gaslite bar in Santa Monica certainly were stunned when a meek, average looking woman named Karen got up — after being egged on by her co-workers — and belted out two Jewel hits as good as the star herself. (Video below.)

After she left, Jewel herself strolled into the karaoke bar and sang a couple of tunes to the elated crowd. But people did not realize that Jewel was Karen, disguised with a fake nose, hair pulled back and conservative business attire. At least not until Funny Or Die, the pranksters behind this brilliant gag, let many of them in on the joke. If anyone there did not figure it out, the video below certainly proves it.

Ultimately this joke proves that there is nothing like the original. Maybe now some amateur singers will stop their foolish games. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

(You can buy Jewel’s latest album here.)

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  1. Aaron

    I dunno — the fact that the whole crowd was so excited about Jewel songs in the first place makes me wonder if the whole bar wasn’t a stacked deck!


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