Chester Bennington in “SAW 3D” Trailer

It looks like the slowly deflating Saw series will finally be wrapping up with the seventh installment, SAW 3D, which opens on October 22. (Well, maybe not. Remember Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter and Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare?) Anyway, it looks like this one’s going to be totally over-the-top and will satiate the gorehounds out there. But what struck me about the new teaser trailer (courtesy of the fine folks at IGN) was not the excessive violence it hinted at, but the fact that Linkin Park/Dead By Sunrise singer Chester Bennington has a cameo in the film! I’d recognize that face anywhere. Check it out.

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    Saw is one of the best horror film franchise of all time. Saw VII is the last one (maybe). I will never get bored of these movies!


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