Retro Avengers: A Marvel Comics Pre-Make

The Avengers assembled for the first time in 1963. Their big screen debut arrives in 2012.

As a lifelong comic book fan, I am ecstatic that special effects and production values have reached the level where superheroes like the X-Men, Iron Man and Thor can be brought to the big screen in larger-than-life form, rather than the limited and often cheesy incarnations of the past. But have you ever wondered what would have happened if such iconic figures had been brought to life on the big screen fifty or more years ago?

The following fan-created Avengers ’52 trailer is by Ivan Guerrero, who does a lot of “pre-makes” like this. He cleverly culls material from movies like Thunderball, The Amazing Colossal Man (transformed into Giant Man here) and Captain America serials from the ’40s, along with television series such as The Avengers (British secret agent Emma Peel is now the Black Widow) to envision the Marvel superhero team hitting movies in 1952, eleven years before the first issue hit the stands. Consider it an alternate universe trailer. I love the inclusion of Yul Brynner as X-Men leader Professor Xavier. See what other Marvel character cameos you can spot.

For a clip-by-clip breakdown of Marvel references in the Avengers ’52 trailer, click here.

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