Hallowed Be Thy Harp: Maiden Gone Acoustic

Eddie goes old school.
Real old school.

You can find all sorts of unusual performances on YouTube. One of the more popular posting pastimes is for a budding musician to jam along with one of his or her heroes or cover them in some special way and then subject the world to it, which can be painful to listen to at times. But the following three video clips featuring Iron Maiden tunes played with acoustic instruments are quite intriguing. One is a harp and acoustic guitar duet of “Hallowed Be Thy Name”. (Props to Sounds Of Silence for turning me on to this.) Another features live violin accompaniment to the studio version of “The Trooper”. The last is a slightly off-kilter piano rendition of “Aces High”. All of them show how the band’s music holds up on non-electric instrumentation. Up The Irons! (But gently this time.)

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