Queensrÿche’s Scott Rockenfield Talks New Album, New Label

Scott Rockenfield reports that the new Queensrÿche album will be like Rage For Order "through a time tunnel".

Queensrÿche drummer Scott Rockenfield reveals that the band has just signed a new deal with Roadrunner Records and that their upcoming album is taking the Seattle-based metal quintet in some new directions.

“I add a lot of film score elements or sound effects [into my drum work], especially on the new thing we’re working on right now,” Rockenfield tells A.D.D. “Geoff [Tate] and I have really spent a lot of time together redesigning the Queensrÿche thing, which you’re going to love. It’s huge rock but with a great dance vibe to it, real modern dance. It’s kind of like Rage [For Order] through a time tunnel, bringing it into the now. There are a lot of electronic elements to it. It’s a big rock thing that is going to have a lot of color to it — it’s good and really intense.”

The drummer offers no set song titles yet, but adds: “We’re moving into really dark and heavy rock for us. It’s not like a Lady Gaga dance record, but it’s a combination of a lot of different elements — Lady Gaga meets Nine Inch Nails meets Queensrÿche, because when you get Geoff’s voice [in the mix] that really starts to define what we do. We don’t have a big plan for a concept, but that could change, too.”

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