Digital Playlist: Hansi Kürsch

Who: Hansi Kürsch, singer for Blind Guardian.
What: The Top 5 MP3s in his iPod right now.
Where: Germany.
Latest Album: At The Edge Of Time.

Hansi Kürsch: Someday he and Sodom
will perform "I Stole Your Love".
(Photo credit: Stanimir Lukic.)

1. MICHAEL JACKSON “Man In The Mirror” — It’s painful enough, but I have to confess that ever since he passed away I listen a lot to Michael Jackson. It’s an amazing song, and Michael Jackson was an amazing artist. He really had the ability to intermingle different styles of music, and I’m always impressed to hear how much rock music he had in his early songs.

2. KISS “I Stole Your Love” — I have memories of this song as well. I was supposed to perform it one day with Sodom in 1992, but I didn’t make it to the stage. I just remembered that the other day during an interview because someone brought it to my attention. I was supposed to sing on “I Stole Your Love” when they had an anniversary show, and we were partying a lot on that day, so when I got to the stage I was a little shaky already. I got on stage and fell off immediately. That’s a special song for me, and my son likes KISS so much.

3. NEVERMORE “Your Poison Throne” — I’m a really big Nevermore fan, and I enjoyed their last album. I know some people in Germany complained about it, but as with all the other albums that they have done before I think they did outstanding stuff. They really impress me. They have their own style and are very individual, and I appreciate that.

4. IRON MAIDEN “Hallowed Be Thy Name” — They just released a new album, and I saw them play recently. They played too much of the new stuff. I don’t have a problem with the new stuff, but especially in a live situation I appreciate hearing the old stuff, which is why I’m choosing that one.

5. RORY GALLAGHER “Wayward Child” — I think he is one of the best guitarists, and I like his way of transforming from a pure Irish folk-blues guitarist into a more rock-ish blues guitarist. I like his later stuff.

Live versions of Hansi’s picks: Michael Jackson, KISS, Nevermore, Iron Maiden and Rory Gallagher.

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7 Responses

  1. Caitlyn D.

    Hansi, I am thrilled that you too are a Nevermore fan. I just got into them a while ago after listening to Dead Heart in a Dead World, and Dreaming Neon Black. I bought the Obsidian Conspiracy, and I love it

  2. Anna

    Hey, it’s good to see what our favorites musicians hear and like, right? Never heard of the last one, went on You Tube to find out, he’s pretty good!

    And Michael Jackson was a good artist, dispite what most headbangers think of him =)

  3. Sawyers

    It’s great to see your awesome, diverse taste of music. It’s clear why your band is so great at what it does!

    Keep up the awesomeness, friend! Look forward to seeing you in the States soon!

  4. Mystic_Bard

    wow i see Rory Gallagher there !!!
    nice one 🙂 one of the best guitarists …

    btw can’t wait to see you again in Athens 🙂

  5. konuralp

    It’s good to see that the best singer ever listens to singers I don’t like. It helps me to give chances to others.
    By the way, nice choices.

  6. Ivan

    Agree, the old stuff from Maiden is better than the new. Nevermore? Haven’t heard anything from them.


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