The Power Of The Glaive: “Krull” Returns On CD

Prince Colwyn shows off
the power of the Glaive.

One of my favorite Eighties fantasy movies — okay, really one of my favorite ever — is the sword ‘n’ sorcery spectacle that is Krull. Released in the summer of 1983, amid the frenzied activity of both the post-Conan fantasy boom and the Stars Wars-inspired sci-fi wave, this was an over-the-top cinematic epic that combined Errol Flynn-like swashbuckling with (then) modern sci-fi/fantasy action, storytelling and effects. It was also rather tongue-in-cheek, featured future stars Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane, had some fantastic, surrealist set design in the Black Fortress and offered up a stirring score by James Horner. And let’s not forget the Glaive, that flying, five-pointed, bladed weapon with intense laser power that was a driving gimmick in the story.

La-La Land Records recently reissued the Krull soundtrack in a limited edition, two-disc version, and it is essential for any fan of the film. Despite some people today deriding this movie as cheesy, it is a hell of a lot of fun, and part of that is due to Horner’s rousing compositions. At the time the composer was still a relative newcomer to the Hollywood scene, although he had already written and conducted the scores for Wolfen, The Hand, 48 Hrs. and Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. We now know him as the man responsible for the music in Titanic, Avatar, Aliens and Field Of Dreams, among many others.

Following is a montage of Krull clips set to some of the score. (Admittedly it uses key scenes, so proceed with caution. You could also simply listen.) Experience the power of the Glaive and the majesty of a young James Horner!

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