Creepy Clip: Ghost Pictures Show

The Brown Lady: Probably the most famous ghost photo ever taken.

I love a good ghost story or haunted house movie. I’m fascinated by chilling tales of the afterlife. Take the following montage, which features spooky images and video snippets that show what could be visitors from the beyond. While the older images here are the scarier ones (also less likely to be tampered with), there are numerous shots from throughout the decades that look like they could be real. Many are clearly the result of Photoshop manipulation, and some just look eerie, like the creepy old woman with a sinister man looming behind her. Regardless of the supernatural authenticity of the visual content, what makes this montage truly spine-tingling is the unnerving musical accompaniment, “The Living Hills” by Aalborg Ambient Soundtracks. This piece of music will get under your skin and is perfectly suited for this Ghost Pictures Show. Let the goose bumps commence!

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