Digital Playlist: Serj Tankian

Who: Serj Tankian, singer, songwriter and poet.
What: The Top 5 MP3s in his iPod right now.
Where: On the road in Europe.
Latest Album: Imperfect Harmonies.

Tankian admitted that he does not normally answer questions like this, but because he was in the midst of heavy touring he had been absorbing a lot of music on his iPod. He named albums instead of specific tracks, but appropriate song links are provided.

Serj Tankian: Electric singer, eclectic listener.
(Photo credit: Chris Anthony.)

STAN GETZ and JOAO GILBERTO — I think it’s a live show. I don’t remember the song, but anything from that record is amazing. I love the vibe. The whole Brazilian bossa nova vibe mixed with Stan Getz’s brass orchestrations is just phenomenal.

AXIOM FUNK — It’s Bill Laswell and Bootsy Collins. I’m horrible with titles. The music is pretty gone. It’s just awesome funk music with Bernie Worrell playing keys. [Bill] has great musicians. Buckethead, who I’ve worked with before, came out of that scene. That whole underground New York scene is rad.

CESARIA EVORA — Have you listened to her? She’s from Cape Verde. She’s phenomenal. She’s one of my favorite vocalists of all time.
The best example of singing with complete
ease, just voice coming out. I think I was
listening to Café Atlantico.

VIZA — They have been opening up for us on tour. They just put out a record, and it’s really cool. It’s nine guys. It’s kind of a cross between ethnic instruments and punk with a Mediterranean-Balkan kind of vibe.

THELONIOUS MONK — I can’t think of the record, but I love Thelonious Monk’s playing. I love a lot of jazz actually. I love listening to jazz more than anything recently, especially on plane rides when you can chill out.

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