Scare Fare: Phil Labonte

Who: Phil Labonte, frontman and songwriter for All That Remains.
What: His favorite horror movies.
Where: On the road in Canada.
Latest Album: For We Are Many.

Do you think Phil Labonte is easily scared?
Michael Myers (lurking above)
creeps him out.

1. – 3. As far as real horror movies, the George Romero zombie movies. I really like Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead and Day Of The Dead. Those are the three classics that set the bar for what zombie movies are. There are some new ones that are cool, like 28 Days Later and the remake of Dawn Of The Dead. The new, vicious zombies that chase after you are pretty cool.

4. The Halloween movies are cool. Michael Myers is creepy, and Jason was kind of the same way, too, but he turned into a evil zombie monster. In the first Halloween, Michael Myers was really creepy — not [saying] a word, just killing people. The first Halloween was the first time that I was exposed to a slasher slasher film, so it had an impact on me.

5. The early Nightmare On Elm Street movies are cool, until they got hokey, but then the fact
that they got hokey was kind of cool. I like the
Nightmare movies, and the lines that Freddy
started using, like in Freddy Vs. Jason, make me
laugh. People might get bummed out by a movie
because it is dumb or hokey. Hey, it’s not going to
be any more real if they make didn’t make that
stupid joke. It’s entertainment, get over yourself.

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