Elvira’s Not A Witch, But I Wouldn’t Care If She Was

In a cheeky nod to Christine O’Donnell, Elvira has created her own campaign ad about being just like us. But other than her main platform here, cleavage, she addresses the critical issue that people don’t like the bad horror movies being shown on television late at night. Thus the Mistress Of The Dark recently resurrected her Elvira’s Movie Macabre late-night television series from the early Eighties to show and mock B-movies like The Creeping Terror, The Giant Gila Monster and The Killer Shrews. So she gets to stand by her promise of change, sort of. (And for those jonesing for the spooky old days of the show, Shout! Factory reissued many of her vintage episodes on DVD back in 2006 and 2007.) Anyway, she still looks great, and being a fan of gorgeous Goth goddesses like her and Morticia Addams, I am pleased to witness her return.

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