Pop Divas With Metal Envy

United in rock beneath Nashville's Municipal Auditorium (L to R):
Kip Winger, Cheap Trick's Tom Petersson, Alice Cooper and Ke$ha.

Why they seriously irk many metalheads and are a cultural thorn in the side of those who crave their music heavy, there are actually a few pop divas who seem to be closet rockers. Beyonce recently did a photo shoot sporting a leather ‘n’ studs outfit look while seated atop a motorcycle, similar to the image of Judas Priestess frontwoman Militia (which, of course, was inspired by Rob Halford). While in Chicago this past January, Lady Gaga tweeted about eating at Kuma’s Corner, which names its burgers after metal bands. She tweeted thusly, and quoting Saxon: “Just spent the morning at kuma’s, judas priest burger and cheap beer, denim +leather, brought us all together.”

Wait, there’s more. Let’s not forget Celine Dion and Anastascia performing “You Shook Me All Night Long” for VH1’s Divas Live in 2002. (While not exactly endorsing the performance, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young told me the following year that he gave Dion props for doing the duck walk in heels.) That same year, Mariah Carey covered Def Leppard’s “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak” for her Charmbracelet album. (Okay, I know I’m walking a line with that one.) And to be nostalgic for a moment, back in the day ’80s pop star/pinup girl Samantha Fox let Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton solo on “Spirit of America”.

And now we have this blatant example of metal envy: On October 20th, pop star Ke$ha appeared at Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium when Alice Cooper performed on his Halloween Hootenanny tour. According to Alice’s publicist Bob Merlis: “With [Kip] Winger and [Tom] Petersson watching from the wings, Ke$ha hit the stage for ‘School’s Out’. Alice promptly clobbered her with a huge weather balloon which burst on impact, resulting in a confetti-covered Ke$ha, much to the delight of the audience.”

A sense of humor and taste? An honorary horns up, even if I don’t get her music.

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