Creepy Clip: “The Bad Cookie”

I’m being liberal in my use of the word “creepy” this time out. Drew Daywalt has made a name for himself as a respected horror short filmmaker, and he possesses a twisted sense of humor (or does it possess him?), as exhibited in the following seven and a half minute treat, presented by the Dread Central horror website. We all hear about how great food is created through a combination of passion, care and love, but what happens when you bake a batch of cookies with a smattering of anger? Watch The Bad Cookie and find out. The results are gruesomely hilarious.

The Bad Cookie – Short Film
Uploaded by dreadcentral. – Check out other Film & TV videos.

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  1. ForTheLoveofHIM

    *laughs* That was crazy creepy! Fun to watch, I will probably always have that cookie in my head as I am eating one.


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