Eric Stoltz: The Original Marty McFly

Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly
with Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown.

Diehard Back To The Future aficionados know this fact, but casual fans may not — Eric Stoltz was the original Marty McFly. But five weeks into shooting, deciding that the talented actor was just not right for the part, the filmmakers pulled him out of the production and approached Michael J. Fox, who was their original choice but had been busy with the hit TV series Family Ties. Fox still was tied up, but somehow they worked out a deal where he tackled both projects…and barely slept. The recently reissued Back To The Future trilogy features in-depth documentaries on the making of the series, and on the first disc, “Tales From The Future” serves up quick glimpses of scenes with Stoltz (clip below). You can judge for yourself how he looked as Marty. The hit Fox sci-fi series Fringe even made a reference to this possible movie by showing a marquee in its alternate universe that declared, “Back to the Future Starring Eric Stoltz.”

Here’s a peek at what could have been.

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