The Catchiest Cradle Of Filth Song Ever?

Gothic charm school: Dani was always told that
he should bring in an apple to his teacher...
(Photo credit: James Sharrock.)

The name Cradle Of Filth and the word “commercial” do not go hand-in-hand and doubtless ever will. (That’s a good thing.) While the spooky semi-ballad “Thank God For The Suffering” from 2003’s Damnation And A Day album was more melodic and less frenetic than usual for Cradle (that album was their lone release for Sony Music), and they did serve up a danceable cover of Heaven 17’s “Temptation” on 2006’s Thornography, neither offered up the melodic metallic hooks found on their latest single, “Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned),” from their new concept album Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa, which really grabs me. (You can read my ShockHound album review here.) It’s not like this will ever be a Top 40 pop or radio track, but there’s a great blend of emotion, energy and darkness within this tasty aural absinthe. It’s a spookerific rocker, and the Gothic video features a glammed-out Dani Filth with the 2010 line-up. Check it out.

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