Darth Vader: A Man Of The People

Is fishing on Darth's bucket list?

We all know Darth Vader as the evil overlord of the Galactic Empire from the Star Wars universe. But as we would all learn, he still had love in his heart for his son, Luke Skywalker, so could he be all that awful? Okay, he could, but these days it seems that he is trying to improve his image. Just check out this commercial for Japanese cell phone company NTT Docomo. In contrast to his previously eerie campaign for the company, Darth here proves himself to be a cool guy who can hang out with ordinary folks, whether they’re jamming on their couch, hanging by a campfire or chasing pigeons in the park. Guardian angel to some, chill peep for others, maybe he really has become cute ‘n’ cuddly after all; although some people view this clip as a bit creepy. Whatever, it’s great PR for a Sith Lord makeover. Whether or not Domoco will benefit remains to be seen.


SINISTER DARTH (speaking in Japanese!):

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