Chickenfoot Have Fourteen New Songs In The Works

Chickenfoot live at the Bospop festival, 2009.
L to R: Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani,
Sammy Hagar and Chad Smith.
(Photo credit: Weckfles.)

Last week A.D.D. interviewed guitar guru Joe Satriani, who is currently on the road in Europe, to discuss his latest solo album, Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards. We also discussed the forthcoming Chickenfoot album, which is in the works. Back in the spring, Satriani mentioned that one song that the group was working on was called “Come Closer”.

“I haven’t listened to it in months,” confessed Satriani. “I’ve been busy, as you can tell. Right after I finished mixing the Black Swans record, I got home and had a few weeks and wrote 10 songs and sent them off to Sammy [Hagar]. Right now he’s sitting on 14 songs that he’s writing melodies and lyrics to, and the original band will get back together at the end of January to record Chickenfoot II. Right now my hand is totally into this [solo tour], so I don’t have any room for any other material. I am just getting to the point where I can memorize the tour set and start to mess around with it, so I don’t want to get another band’s set list into my head and disrupt everything.”

The guitarist added that literally right after he sent off his new compositions to Chickenfoot frontman Sammy Hagar, he told the singer that he would not listen to them for a couple of months, and to “take them and go crazy. I’ll wait till we all get together. We work better as a four-piece. We bring up song ideas and everyone gets their toes wet in arranging them and changing them, so I’m not worried about that. It’ll be more interesting for me to have the other guys throw the songs back at me with improvements. Then I will start to remember them that way. I hate listening to demos for months and months because you just get stuck on them. I’d rather not listen to them.”

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    Is there any way we can band together and keep Chickenfoot from releasing a 2nd album? Please? Maybe launch Anyone?


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