Hinder Write A Box Set’s Worth Of Material For New Album

Hinder: The All American Nightmare returns.

Hinder fans anxiously awaiting their third album All American Nightmare (due out through Universal/Republic on Dec. 7th) will be pleased to hear that there were many more non-album tunes that were written and recorded by the raunchy Oklahoma hard rock quintet, and some of them could surface in the future. “We started writing in the middle of the last touring cycle,” Hinder frontman Austin Winkler told A.D.D. “We wrote 70 or so songs, recorded about 50 and cut it down to 12. It’s something that we’ve never done before, so it’s like our ultimate baby. A lot of the [other] songs could be shit, too, we don’t know. You don’t really know until you put it out there and have more than two people’s opinion on it.”

“We’re doing 10 songs for the album, two songs for the deluxe version and we’re going to release a few of the original demos as bonus material,” declared drummer Cody Hanson. “So you can hear what the back of the bus recordings sounded like.”

The drummer revealed that there were a number of good cuts that did not make the album. “We have a song called ‘Backstage’ that Austin and I wrote with John Rich which is really cool. There’s another one called ‘Memory,’ which is a more mature side to Hinder. Maybe we’ll save those for the next go around. We’ll see.” He said of “Memory”: “It’s about being with your chick — the chick you’ve been with for a while, not some chick you’ve met on the road — and about being able to still have a good time with your wife or long-time girlfriend. I’ve been in a relationship myself for nine years, so it was cool to write a song like that.”

“I was bummed about that one [not making it], too, and it was definitely a contender for the record,” concurred Winkler of “Memory”. “It wasn’t quite there; there’s something missing about it. ‘Backstage’ was kind of cool and had a swing groove to it, but it was kind of heavy.” The singer added that he felt pretty sure that some of the extra material would make it out into the marketplace. “It depends on what happens with this record,” he said. “We definitely went in a different direction from the first two records. We did a little morphing of the first two, and we picked the songs for different reasons. I mentioned putting ‘Memory’ as an exclusive on iTunes, but we don’t want to throw it away and not know if it would be a good enough single for radio.”

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