Cyndi Lauper: Put Down The Camera and Enjoy The Moment

You might want to think twice about getting too close with that camera.
(Photo credit: Ellen Von Unwerth.)

I recently spoke with Cyndi Lauper for a Grammy magazine story on musicians and social activism as well as a look back at the PMRC hearings on their 25th anniversary for New York Magazine online. During our chat, we briefly touched upon the YouTube phenomenon and how it has affected the live music experience for both the concertgoer and the artist.

“You perform at a concert, and somebody has a camera in your face and just doesn’t let up,” said Lauper. “You can’t even think because it’s right in your face. I just feel like [saying], ‘You know, buddy, I’m right in front of you. This is the moment, not you going home and watching it on your little camera. This right here is the moment. Get your camera out of my face. I’m looking at you, you’re looking at me, and that’s the moment. Be in the moment.’ People are strange that way. They’re so into the gadgets that they miss life right in front of them. They’re not at the concert, they’re workin’.”


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4 Responses

  1. merimami

    I completely agree with Cyndi! I loved and love her!
    And we must consider that this thing enormously disturbs other people who would live the moment and on the contrary don’t see anything because of all the arms raised and holding cameras……

  2. ForTheLoveofHIM

    Cyndi is so right! You’re there live. Enjoy the show through your eyes, not your lens!


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