Digital Playlist: Silenoz

Who: Silenoz, guitarist and lyricist for Dimmu Borgir.
What: The Top 5 MP3s in his iPod right now.
Where: On tour in America.
Latest Album: Abrahadabra.

Silenoz: Evil invader or king of rock 'n roll?

1. WOLF “Secrets We Keep” – “I could probably take any song off of that Ravenous album because it’s really amazing. That song is like proper hard rock.”

2. HAIL OF BULLETS “Guadalcanal” – “I think the new album is fucking killer. I’m a huge fan of that band. The rhythm and the beat [of the song] is really cool when it picks up, and it’s extremely intense production. I’ve always been a huge fan of Martin’s vocals. They’re absolutely awesome.”

3. HYPOCRISY “Evil Invaders” – “This is a cover song of the band Razor. That’s a really catchy tune, and Peter’s vocals are extreme. I don’t know where he gets his lungs from.”

4. ACCEPT “Blood Of The Nations” – “I love the backing vocals from Peter [Baltes]. It sounds like old, classic Accept, and I think the new vocalist is doing a great job. I’ve been listening to that album quite a lot lately.”

5. DIO “King Of Rock ‘N Roll” – “Dio has been a huge inspiration since Day One, and I think he has been for many, many people with all of the bands that he’s been involved with.”

Live versions of Silenoz’s picks: Hail of Bullets and Dio.

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    Those are pretty good songs. I knew Dimmu Borgir was into Dio and Accept. May be one day, they’ll do Dio’s cover?


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