Scare Fare: Steve Gonsalves

Who: Steve Gonsalves, a veteran member of the Ghost Hunters team.
What: Five of his favorite horror movies.
Where: Shooting on location in Philadelphia.
Latest Release: Ghost Hunters: Season Five, Part Two.

Steve Gonsalves: Ghost hunter, monster lover.
(Photo ©2010 by Bryan Reesman.)

1. RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD — “I just love it. I like the punk rock aspect of it, but I just think the movie is brilliant. It was a B-movie back then, but it was a big production, and I think the acting is amazing. Don Calfa, Thom Matthews, all those guys are just awesome. It’s scary, and it’s the movie that started the whole ‘Brains!’ thing. Everybody thinks it’s a Romero thing, but it’s a John Russo thing. I’ve had that fight with many people. I once saw a painting of Flyboy from Dawn Of The Dead, but it said ‘Brains!’ on the side. You can’t mix Dawn Of The Dead with Return Of The Living Dead, it’s crazy.”

2. RE-ANIMATOR — “I think Jeffrey Combs is an amazing actor, I really do. He is outrageous and so good in that movie, and the story is amazing. My favorite part is the intensity of Jeffrey Combs. He’s out of his mind, he’s awesome. He’s so intense in that movie that it makes me want to watch everything he’s in.  I’ll watch The Frighteners 800 times just to watch Jeffrey Combs. I like Bride Of Re-Animator, too.”

3. JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING — “I love everything about that movie. I love the way it’s written. To me, remakes are nowhere even close to the original, but this one surpassed the original. Kurt Russell is amazing in it. I’m a huge Keith David fan and love him in everything he does.”

Bruce Campbell getting ready to
kick some Ash in Evil Dead II.

4. EVIL DEAD II — “It’s really one of the only movies that incorporates both horror and comedy and does it well. Bruce Campbell is obviously amazing, as is everything about it – the cabin in the woods and all that. Let’s face it, that movie changed the landscape of horror, especially the way it was shot. Everyone wanted to put cameras on shopping carts and make their own dolly systems and easy glide cams.”

5. AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON — “That was the first ever, amazing transformation that wasn’t a chop cut scene. It showed the actual change. That was [created by FX artist] Rick Baker. I love that one.”

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