“Godzilla: Monster World” Comic Series On The Way

The cover of Godzilla: Monster World #1,
due out March 2011 through IDW.

IDW Publishing, home of acclaimed comic series like 30 Days Of Night and Dark Days, and Japanese film studio Toho Co., Ltd. are bringing the Big G back to a regular comic book series for the first time in years. That’s right, the King Of The Monsters is back in Godzilla: Monster World, with the first issue arriving in stores in March 2011. Joining him will be giant-sized creature pals like Mothra, King Ghidorah and Rodan, among others. There are reportedly monsters that will be appearing in this new IDW series that have never been in an American comic book series before.

“Godzilla has been gone from comics for too long,” said Yukio Kotaki of Toho. “And to have it return with other monsters is simply very exciting.”

The creative team behind this new series includes co-writers Eric Powell (The Goon) and Tracy Marsh and artist Phil Hester (Kevin Smith’s The Green Hornet). According to an IDW press release, “the series will feature not one but two painted covers, offered on a 50/50 basis: Eric Powell will provide a gatefold wraparound cover featuring many beloved Toho monsters, and fan-favorite artist Alex Ross contributed an imposing image of Godzilla. Powell has also painted a separate incentive cover to herald the debut issue’s launch.”

“To be able to launch a Godzilla series that features many fan-favorite Toho monsters never before seen in comics is gratifying enough,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer. “But to do it with the guiding hand and brush of Eric Powell — as perfectly suited a creator as I could’ve hoped to come aboard here – along with Hester, Marsh, and Ross, is about as monstrous a line-up as I could’ve ever hoped for. What’s more, this is just the first series to come in the line. The next one out of the gates features multiple Eisner-nominees and winners handling the creative, so we’re well and truly just getting started here.”

The apocalyptic Godzilla: Monster World will feature the monsters at their irrational, unpredictable best, with ordinary humans struggling to deal with their destructive behavior. IDW promises that their series will combine “familiar themes and original takes on the pop culture legends that have stomped, smashed, and fought their way across movie screens for over four decades.”

An alternate cover for the first 32-page issue will feature a hand-drawn Eric Powell sketch. Additionally retailers will “be eligible for their very own cover – featuring Godzilla stomping their comic store.” It will be interesting to see how that will work. They will certainly be collector’s items.

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