Joe Morton Discusses Three Of His Most Underrated Movies

A cheerful Joe Morton at Syfy's Christmas party.
(Photo © 2010 by Bryan Reesman.)

Earlier this month at the Syfy Christmas party, I had the pleasure of speaking with Eureka star Joe Morton for the second time in two years. He’s a smart, thoughtful, charming individual with whom one can easily discuss everything from entertainment to politics.

As we were chatting, I contemplated his extensive filmography and spontaneously decided to ask him what he thought were three of his most underrated movies.

Here were his choices:

1. BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET — “It’s about an extraterrestrial slave who makes his way to this planet. He has no capacity for speech but he can heal [people] and fix things by touch. It was something that we did in the ’80s that got great reviews. It was a small John Sayles movie that turned into a cult thing.”

Morton as the Brother From Another Planet.

2. BLUES BROTHERS 2000 — “It’s exactly what it sounds like, and I am one of the Blues Brothers in this movie. It’s a great John Landis homage to all the music that he loves. I think because nobody takes it seriously, they forget about what it’s about, which is the music. It’s a musical without being a musical. It’s just stringing a bunch of wonderful entertainers and musicians together to tell a very simple story, but then that’s the fun of it.”

3. THE ASTRONAUT’S WIFE — “It’s kind of a sci-fi version of Rosemary’s Baby. I’m not sure why [it wasn’t a hit]; it was a new director, even though we had stars in the movie. I think it got decent reviews, but for whatever reason nobody went to see it.”

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  1. Kelly

    Thank you so much for sharing your conversation with Joe Morton. What a terrific actor he is! Always look forward to seeing his performances. Best wishes for a joyous holiday season.


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