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GWAR Bar: Oderus Urungus Defiles Happy Hour

January 20, 2011 , 5:21 am | By Bryan Reesman

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GWAR’s chief mischief maker wreaks havoc at Idle Hands.
A.D.D. assesses the damage.

Oderus Urungus is nothing if not entertaining. FOX News recently enjoyed him so much that they booked him on their Red Eye talk show over a dozen times in a year span. But the GWAR frontman doesn’t need TV cameras or large throngs of concertgoers to get all wound up. Last night the alien rocker materialized (appropriately enough) at rocker watering hole Idle Hands for The Bloody Pit Of Horror Happy Hour to promote the vinyl picture disc releases of the Lust In Space and Bloody Pit Of Horror albums, hang with fans, drink excessively and redecorate the Alphabet City bar, in a manner of speaking. Of course, neither Idle Hands owner Marc Schapiro nor GWAR publicist Jon Freeman knew what was going to transpire when they summoned the shock rocker into the basement lair at 7:30 PM. Maybe they both learned their lesson. (‘Tis better to have your guest cause a scene than to sit idly by.)

While no crack was smoked nor babies eaten, the infamous vocalist made a spectacle of himself throughout the course of his 80-minute visit. Oderus drank, thrashed around on the floor, drank more, spilled beer aplenty, pleasured himself (his ginormous alien phallus is quite, umm, impressive), broke a once solid bar table (he even used it as a sled, twice) and made a general mess. He also took some time to meet the loyal human followers who showed up, which was something new and exciting for someone used to crushing skulls and maiming people onstage. As a special gift to his fans, he displayed a lot of near bare ass and rolled onto some of them during his inebriated appearance. Hopefully they won’t need years of therapy to recover from what they experienced. Happy Hour will never be the same.

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