Four Hilarious Tweeters You Should Be Following

While I actively use Twitter to stay connected with friends and readers and to promote my blog, there are those who argue that social media just is a colossal time suck. To counter that time wasting theory, here are four Twitter accounts that you should follow because they are vastly entertaining. If you’re someone who likes to spend lots of time watching bad television, mindlessly playing Farmville or Mafia Wars for hours on end or perhaps drinking too much out of boredom, you just should really follow these tweeps. They’ll actually do something for your mind.

DeathStarPR: The Galactic Empire really isn’t as bad as you think, and they will prove it through their own special brand of Twitter spin. Case in point: “With great firepower comes great responsibility. To blow up evil planets.” They’re also fun to follow in conjunction with @darthvader. Yes, the Dark Lord of the Sith tweets. Who knew?

Its_Death: Located just over your shoulder and living with three guys who like horses, Steve Death dispenses wit and wisdom about our inevitable end. But he also likes to make pointed social commentary, such as questioning the wisdom of building of a city on rock ‘n’ roll or what stupid remark Sarah Palin will mindlessly recite next.

MrsStephenFry: As the fictional wife of comedian/actor Stephen Fry (the comic soulmate of House star Hugh Laurie), Mrs. Fry offers an outside perspective on the life and shenanigans of her husband. (“Thankfully, Stephen’s stopped stroking strangers and walking away but it was touch and go for a while.”) She won the Shorty Award last year for Humor, giving a brilliantly brief speech that lasted all of 140 characters.

ZombieRiot: If you like your humor dark, morbid and un-PC, then Eric Weiss is your man. Tweeting from the POV of a depraved flesh-eater, he waxes ghoulish about topics like eating your neighbors, dysfunctional relationships and necrophilia. And it’s hilarious.

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