Tiffany Vs. Debbie Gibson: The ’80s Catfight You’ve Awaited

Tiffany and Debbie Gibson premiere their cinematic showdown
at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC, then hold an ’80s afterparty.

Deborah Gibson as Nikki,
Tiffany as Terry.
(Photo courtesy of Syfy.)

On Monday night Syfy premiered their latest epic monster rumble, Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid, at New York’s famed Ziegfeld Theatre (which also happens to be my favorite cinema ever). It was a shrewd marketing move not because it’s a great movie (it’s not, but it never pretends to be), but because it unites ’80s teen pop icons Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, who not only co-starred and co-produced this latest Syfy B-movie but also unleashed what many fans have been waiting for: an onscreen catfight between the two ladies that involves a DVD, whipped cream and tight dresses. Need I say more?

The plot of this mutant monster tale is simple: A self-righteous environmental activist (Gibson) illegally frees some lab snakes into the Everglades that grow to enormous proportions. To combat their threat to the local species, the arrogant town sheriff (Tiffany) feeds local gators steroid-enhanced chickens to make them grow equally big and cut down the growing giant snake threat. Not a good idea. Reptile fighting, egg hatching, people eating, blood gushing, bitchslaps, A Martinez warnings, in-jokes about the star divas and a hilarious Mickey Dolenz cameo ensue. Even if you think this stuff is absolute schlock (c’mon, admit it), you have to at least give Syfy points for teaming these two gals up, letting them duke it out and also premiering this self-mocking B-movie at the most prestigious movie palace in New York. The constant laughter from the crowd confirmed that they were in on the joke.

Hobnobbing with the gals, who look
quite composed after their onscreen catfight.
(Photo credit: Jim Colucci.)

Five things I learned from watching Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid:

1. Low budget digital effects look moreso on a ginormous screen.

2. A Martinez is great even in cheesy movies, but he can’t save them.

3. Debbie Gibson can blow shit up.

4. Tiffany doesn’t take crap from anyone.

5. Thank God for Tiffany’s curves. (I personally thanked her for that at the ’80s-themed after party. Turns out she’s half-Lebanese. I’m part Syrian. Who knew?)

Here’s a preview of the catfight making waves on the web. Premiere and afterparty photos are below.

How often do you see a marquis like this at the Zeigfeld?
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Presumably the future DVD cover. Check out the tagline.

Retro tribute band Rubix Kube channeling the '80s at the premiere.
For the record, I never dressed like this back in the day.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Debbie and Tiffany (at center) work the red carpet.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Are you Team Tiffany or Team Debbie?
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Entering the green zone at the Hudson Hotel.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Taylor Dayne (center) chillin' with Judas Priestess frontwoman MilitiA (right).
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Ahhh! Rubik's Cube is back! (Ok, it never left.)
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Three members from '80s tribute band Rubix Kube (L to R):
Scott Lovelady, David Z and Sky.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

The throng having fun with the '80s theme and karaoke.

Whose side are you on?

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    • Bryan Reesman

      Deborah announced that she was Team Tiffany that night, so there you go. Everybody wins! Even the Mega Pythons and Gatoroids.


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