Shriekin’ Idols

I disdain American Idol and other TV music competitions. I don’t think most of the winners or successful runner-ups are that talented, nor do they go on to make particularly original art. Not just anyone can be a rock or pop star, nor do I want just anyone to be. I also dislike how heavy music never seems to get a fair shake on these programs.

But I’m not without a sense of humor about this forum. There are some contestants who try shaking things up; unfortunately, a bit too much in some instances, as the funny clips below from America and Europe show. (Have you ever thought to audition for a music show with “I Will Kill You” by Cannibal Corpse? Neither have I.) The reaction to the black metal audition on Austria’s Starmania in the second clip is absolutely hilarious, both for the confused reaction from the judges and the fact that the kid gets incredibly winded after a round of shrieking. But an A for effort, guys. Horns up!

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