Music Premiere: Vicious Rumors’ “Pearl Of Wisdom”

Vicious Rumors circa 2011.
Guess which one is new singer Brian Allen?

They’ve been at it for over thirty years, yet Vicious Rumors still sound as hungry and aggressive as they did when I first heard them back in the late Eighties, when they had already been at it for a decade. While the band’s line-up has gone through numerous permutations over three decades (six-string wunderkind Vinnie Moore played on their first album), founding member, guitarist and main songwriter Geoff Thorpe has kept finding new blood to reinvigorate his metal machine. “The older we get the more wicked Vicious Rumors sound,” he declares. “We’ve definitely not slowed down — quite the opposite, [we] have even more drive. Our fans won’t see a single Vicious Rumors show where we don’t go to our limits and beyond.”

Here is a new track from Vicious Rumors’ forthcoming Razorback Killers CD entitled “Pearl Of Wisdom”. It spotlights potent new frontman Brian Allen. This moody mid-tempo tune starts off mellower than the other nine tracks, but then again, mellow is a relative term here. Those signature raging riffs, searing solos and volatile vocals eventually emerge, and the song makes a nice contrast to the rest of the album.

Vicious Rumors Pearl Of Wisdom

The adrenalized Razorback Killers, Vicious Rumors’ first album since 2006, is due out April 5th and features a new roster of rockers, including singer Brian Allen, bassist Stephen Goodwin and guitarist Kiyoshi Morgan, along with returning drummer/back-up vocalist Larry Howe. Additionally, former bandmate Mark McGee (1986-1995) returns to trade leads with Thorpe on two songs, while Night Ranger’s Brad Gillis and Testament’s Eric Peterson lend their axe-wielding powers to one song apiece.

While most of this incarnation of Vicious Rumors has been playing together since 2007, new frontman Allen was recruited a year and a half ago at the recommendation of Wild Dogs singer Matt McCourt, a veteran metal vocalist and a long-time friend of Thorpe. “Matt had praised Brian, and I thought that he’d be perfect for Vicious Rumors,” recalls Thorpe. “We immediately noticed this raw, pure quality in him. Like a snowball, something very big developed very quickly out of small beginnings. During our five-week European tour, Brian got nothing but positive reactions from our fans.”

Now you can hear and judge for yourself.

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