Eight Great Songs About Heartbreak

I’ve been in a bit of a melancholy mood lately, so I’ve been listening to some sad songs. I honestly believe the best way to deal with heartache or melancholy is to just live through it. It’s nice when people try to cheer you up, but the best medicine is often no medicine at all, just pure spiritual bloodletting. Here are songs dedicated to heartbreak before, during and after the end of a major relationship. Sometimes it can feel good to feel bad, because eventually you feel good again.

1. LIONEL RICHIE “Just For You” — Romance can get trumped by bitterness the older that you get, but you need to rise above that pitfall and move on. The excitement of passion may wane at times, and then there are times that you feel it surge anew even as things are falling apart. And you can also empathize with someone else’s pain in that way.

2. HIM “Please Don’t Let It Go” — We’ve all felt that desire to keep it together while things fall apart. Sometimes you need a good cry, other times a good croon. Like this great song — so smooth, so silky, so sad.

3. NEON TREES “Our War” — Have you ever had that feeling that despite knowing you have to move on that it is really, really hard? We all have. There are moments of self-empowerment that get washed over by doubts and fear. You just have to ride that wave until it settles.

4. SARAH McLACHLAN “Fear” — Loneliness and fear can exist even when you are in the clutch of a tender embrace. It’s amazing how a seemingly serene moment can be so stressful.

5. MARILLION “Kayleigh” — It’s often surprising the things that you think about after a relationship ends. It’s not always the big moments but the little things that burn themselves into your brain. (By the way, didn’t I break your heart?)

6. JOHN GORKA “Italian Girls” — We can often look back at our past with melancholy over certain people or situations. Sometimes it’s good to laugh at it all, too, since it is often both funny and poignant in retrospect.

7. THE CURE “Disintegration” — Ever find yourself meditating on heartache and simply being swept up in your emotions? Here’s your soundtrack for that moment. Of course that moment may also include reflections on treachery, vanity, despair and self-loathing, if you’re listening to these words, but the general feeling can be more than enough to create that catharsis.

8. HUMAN DRAMA “Blue” — Sometimes it is good to simply give in to melancholy, let it fill your heart and then exorcise it. I often love feeling blue. It’s the Mopey Goth that overtakes the Perky Goth in me.

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